BLANCO (2014)

BLANCO is a documentary about the daily life and human side of six people with albinism in the Dominican Republic, who have more in common than just their physical condition. They are uninformed about the symptoms related to albinism, and as a result these people resume their lives with normalcy despite their appearance, visual impairment and inevitable changes their skin undergoes due to the Caribbean sun. Produced by Ricky Gluski through Lone Coconut.

Winner of RDOCS 2014 & Premios La Silla 2015.

Official Selection in Vancuver LAFF 2014, Trinitad + Tobago FF 2014, FICBAQ 2014, FICG 2014 and Dominican FF NY 2014.


Melvin Duran
Production Company
R+R Productions/Kinestesia/Lone Coconut
Documentary about the daily life of people with albinism in the Dominican Republic.